Sunday, September 26, 2010

Snow and Vintage some of you have probably heard me say, the thing that I am looking forward to the LEAST in Pittsburgh is the winter weather.  Today, a coworker thought that it would be funny to bless me with this little gem: "You won't see the sun from November to May."  Wow, thanks.  Um, definitely not looking forward to Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Ok, so whatever, it gets cold here...I get it.  As long as the winter isn't like it was last year in Pittsburgh, which was a full-fledged, hellish, 10 ft. snowstorm.  Farmers Almanac says that it won't be, (and they were right about last year- so here's hoping.)

After I've discussed something I'm not so fond of, ie: snow (except if I'm snowboarding) I wanna talk about something that I DO love: vintage and retro fashions and style.  Pittsburgh is actually an awesome place for finding vintage/retro fashions and furniture.  Maybe even a haven!  Who knew?  I was pleasantly surprised to say the least.  Van and I were theorizing that maybe because Pittsburgh was such a comparatively larger city when this stuff was made (current pop. is about half of the peak), that excess supply has built up as people move away but don't take their furniture.

A few furniture pieces I wanted to share: Check out this gorgeous 60's Oak chest with brocade top, fits nicely in our window nook.  Perfect for storage too.  So cute, we got this from a local second-hand store and were expecting the price to be $250+.  We were beyond ecstatic to find that it was less than $100. Totally amazing!

Next up, we found the cutest couch and side table at a local thrift store!  The couch is amazing, and perfect for two people.  Van and I LOVE it.  Both pieces (together) were less than $100- yep you read that right. Love them! The couch is 60's brocade fabric with wooden legs, and actually super comfy.  Do you like the flair I added to our side table?

Finally, for our all my fashionistas out there...check out what I found at the same local thrift shop.  Brand new, vintage, Italian leather and canvas Tashkent by Cheyenne booties.  OMG, I almost died.  And strangely enough, they were the right size! SO cute, and in perfect condition- I felt so blessed,  I seriously had a moment.  LOVE these so much, words can't even describe, and for under $10- no brainer.  So amazing!

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  1. Meg, you are so adorable. Keep up the posts, I am thoroughly enjoying them and would love to go thrift shopping with you!