Sunday, October 3, 2010

Getting our drink church

So, Church Brew Works is VERY well known in and around Pittsburgh.  And there's a reason for that- it's FUN to eat delicious food and drink delicious beer in a church.  Yep, that's a church.

This was our first visit to the amazing brewery, that surprisingly has not really been renovated.  Even though it is still an extremely successful restaurant and brewery- it still very much looks like a church.  When you go to the bathroom, you will have flashbacks from Sunday school.  I did. :)

We each had a couple of beers on tap, I went with a mole porter, (it definitely had a spicy kick to it) and the Cherry Quadruple, Belgian Style Quad.  We also shared a Caesar salad and a delicious artichoke, spinach and feta pizza. Yum.

Since we were there during Oktoberfest we got serenaded by a German Bavarian musical act, consisting of two gentleman, one with an accordion and one with a bass.  Very interesting, but fun- and of course they busted out with a Steelers song.  Apparently the Steelers are a pretty big deal here. :)

Here are a couple of more shots of the stained glass windows, and the rest of the church/brewery/restaurant.  Pretty cool huh?  Check out the website here:

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