Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sprechen Zie Deutsch?

Errr...not exactly. But it is almost Halloween, and our first one in Pittsburgh at that!

So, there's a very large costume shop in the strip area of Pittsburgh called, Costume World.  It has awesome murals of several pop icons on the windows, two of my favs...

GAGA!! Love her...and of course Mad Hatter:

Pretty cool huh? There's also an Avatar in the next window over.

Said costume shop is directly down the street from where I work- so needless to say, my Halloween shopping was easy this year! 

We decided to celebrate our German heritage, you're welcome parents.

I also got my costume for free- because I had to dress up for a work-related Oktoberfest.  However, we did pay full price for Van's to come soon, after the party this weekend. Viva Germany!

PS I promise I won't wear these boots this Sunday!


  1. Love the little German girl and can't wait to see her fiance in his lederhosen! MIght be a little cold there in Pittsburgh out trick or treating in these outfits!

  2. Haha, I know I know- I definitely will not be wearing my costume outside too much. Thank goodness the party that we are going to is INSIDE.