Sunday, October 24, 2010

When Autumn Leaves begin to Fall

Ok, so I know it's been a couple of weeks since my last blog entry and I'd like to offer my deepest apologies.  First, my fiance's parents came to visit in Pittsburgh and then the week after my mom came to visit, both for the first time.  Anyways, excuses excuses let's get to the fun stuff.

Fall in Pittsburgh is really exquisite- we are so lucky to live on the third floor of a beautiful, old house and have this phenomenal view outside of our living room window.

I also wanted to share a couple of other inspiring Western Pennsylvania sights that we saw with my future in-laws, the Frank Lloyd Wright Designs: Falling Water and Kentuck Knob.  You can check out more information for them both here and here

Pretty incredible huh?  We took home tours of both, and Falling Water was definitely everyone's favorite in terms of architecture- but the sculpture garden at Kentuck Knob was probably the highlight for me. The garden included this piece of the Berlin Wall.

How can you not feel intrigued?
  I also liked this installment entitled, Red Army, by the British artist Ray Smith.

And of course this one...

Finally, had to take a shot of the beautiful western Pennsylvania landscape at the Kentuck Knob vantage point, with a Tipi no less- and no, we did not get the back story on that bad boy.  Although I wish we would have!

So yes- Western Pennsylvania is a very beautiful area of the county, especially in the Fall.  I feel very fortunate that we were able to explore outside of the city of Pittsburgh for an afternoon. 

PS For my fashionistas out there...I'm officially obsessed with the designer vintage available in Pittsburgh for literally a song.  Without giving too much away, because I DEFINITELY want to blog about it- I found vintage Thierry Mugler for under $100.  No typo there...uh-mazing! Of course it is at the tailor now- but get ready for a mini-fashion show, probably by next weekend.

Loves from the Burgh.

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