Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happy Holidaze!

Hey guys,
So, whether you LOVE or HATE the holidays- it is the time of year when most of us should be very, very thankful for all of the bounty and plenty that we have compared to so many others in the world.  I am very thankful for Van and Bru! :)
 Honestly, giving and receiving gifts is pretty fun- but my favorite part is being around the people I love, eating delicious food and being thankful of course.  I was lucky enough to spend Thanksgiving with my family in Orange, CA for Thanksgiving- and am going back in a few weeks for Christmas!

Oh yeah, AND there are a lot of Sagittarius' in my family, including: my Bro, Grandma, Aunt and Me! 12/12 baby! Here are a few photos of my most recent visit to Orange, CA from Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving 2010. So thankful for my family! Below are both Grandmas:

My lovely parents, thanks for hosting!  You guys were the hosts with the most, and of course my favorite brother. :)

To you and yours, Happy Holidays! Here are a couple other shots from sunny Socal- below left in Santa Ana and below right in Laguna Beach.

We also made a trip to Rogers Gardens in Corona Del Mar, CA to help get us in the holiday spirit.  Check out the website here.  Pretty major. Although, the only things I could afford there were a candle holder and an ornament- it was really beautiful and definitely gave me some good ideas!

My favorite ornament!

And lots and lots of nutcrackers.

Much love- on to New York next week for my birthday, will definitely take lots of photos. :)


  1. MEG! I'm so glad you can be with your lovely family for the holidays. You look beautiful as always (love the bangs again). Keep us all posted on NYC! love you girl!

  2. Hey babe! Thanks so much, yes- I feel very fortunate that I can go home for the holidays. :) How are you, it is snowing here now and I'm getting stoked for NY!
    What's the weather like there now?