Sunday, January 16, 2011

Designers on a dime...(it's catchy, no?!)

In honor of my affinity for Los Angeles, and the fashions from the Golden Globes- I have decided to blog about my recent thirft-store designer finds.  As I previously mentioned in an earlier post Pittsburgh, PA is a MECCA for finding amazing deals at thrift stores- and if you know me, you know that I typically am not too excited about thrift stores.  In Pittsburgh, I recant anything negative that I have ever said about them- because I have found some INCREDIBLE, and I am talking about authentic, beautiful, vintage pieces here.

Let's get to it, shall we...I have to start with Chanel, because I just found these today. 
Check out these beauties, vintage red canvas and navy leather made in Italy Chanel sandals- with gold clover detailing:

Are your eyes bugging out of your head yet?! The only tiny issue is that they are a wee-bit too big, they are a size 40, and I typically wear a 37-38, but I still snatched them up immediately, because I don't care.  I will wear these puppies every other day in the summer, (which apparently won't be for 5 more months.)
Ahhh, I love these SO much...good eye huh?

Ok- I have another one- hold on to your hats kids...about a month ago, I found a beautiful, authentic, made in France Thierry Mugler suit for under $100.
I am absolutely in love with the space-age details, including the pockets and buttons and the enormous shoulder pads that make me feel like I am wearing a beautiful creation made from the brain-child of an alien and robot.

 I think I'm in love...

Check out the details and shoulder pads!

Truth be told, I did have to spend about $60 to get the suit skirt shortened, but other than that it is absolutely perfect.

And yes- it is the same Thierry Mugler that also makes my favorite perfume of all time...ANGEL!
Thank you for my new perfume Mom and Dad, Merry Christmas to me!
So yes, I have made it my New Years resolution to check out my local favorite "opportunity" shops around my neighborhood at LEAST once a month- because so far they have been very, very good to me. 

Any of you guys find anything fabulous at your local thrifts? Happy thrifting!
PS Sorry for the no-face shots, I didn't feel like doing hair/ just in case you forgot what I look like:


  1. The suit fits so well! You are too cute, Megan Loraine. I'm so glad you are finding gems in that frigid winter out there.

  2. Thank you my love! You are SO, SO, SO missed. Can't wait for you to visit Pittsburgh. Love you so much Kimchee <3 Hang in there, intensives are almost done!

  3. I LOVE that suit and the shoes are amazing as well!! It's so much fun reading your blog :)
    Love, your cousin Emily

  4. Really cute shoes and clothes, Megan :-)


  5. Thanks Cuz! <3 and miss you SO much. Do you have a blog?! I always see your postings, but of course they are in Swedish- so I think I'm missing out. Can't wait to see you again, we really need to get over to Sweden.

    Norm- Thank you! Vintage shopping/thrifting is really fun here! We still haven't gone to Phipps but need to, apparently it's the best at night. When are you coming to visit?