Sunday, February 20, 2011


Today we decided to take advantage of the (relatively) nice weather and go to Sunday brunch in the Lawrenceville neighborhood, at Coca Cafe.  Neither of us had been before, and had heard good things- of course there was some extensive internet research done before we picked this place.  The cafe only features breakfast, brunch and lunch and has a specialty Sunday Brunch menu.  Check out the website if you're interested in all of the menu selections. 
 So, we rolled in around 10:30am, and didn't know the trick yet of calling ahead- to get our names on the list, since the cafe does not take reservations.  When we arrived, we were unfortunately faced with an hour wait time.  We took this hour-opportunity to walk around Lawrenceville's Butler street.  For you non-Burghers, Lawrenceville is a very artsy, interesting, on the verge of gentrification "hipster-esque" area of Pittsburgh.  Kind-of non-traditional and dynamic, LA peeps: compare it to Silverlake 10 years ago, or Seattle-folks: Capitol Hill-ish.  Dig my vibe?!  Anyways, Van and I really like the area, and have found our favorite bars and some good restaurants there as well.
Here are a couple of photos from our walk today.

Cat in window at some boutique, and a cool bar, The New Amsterdam- that we have yet to frequent.  I always get that Peter Bjorn and John song stuck in my head when I see this place.

Also, a bowling alley, a Crazy Mocha, (local Pittsburgh owned/operated super popular coffee shop) and Van.

So, we finally walked back to Coca and the masses were still there so we had to wait a few more minutes.
Waiting patiently and coldy outside.

Then we FINALLY were seated, and both ordered specials: Van chose the mediterranean eggs benedict and I went with the grilled shrimp, grits, poached eggs and salsa.  We both decided that I ordered better.

Overall, the food was delicious and our server was incredibly helpful and sweet.  Van liked the grits from The York, in LA better- but I thought everything was super fresh and amazing.  Definitely worth the wait- although next time we will definitely call ahead, a handy tip from our server. 


  1. These pictures remind me a little of Eagle Rock or Highland Park with the giant wall murals.

  2. So good to get the look and feel of life there in Pittsburgh; thank you for that! The food looks tasty and it's always fun to get out and about. Yeah...looks coldy.

  3. Dave says, "Wear gloves and a scarf, Megan, and good for you for buttoning up."

  4. Shelley- yes, the vibe is a bit like Eagle Rock. Maybe that's why we like the area so much. However, as you know- Pittsburgh doesn't really have a Latino influence at all.

    Mom- this place was really yummy. Definitely worth the wait. Also, thank Dad for the tip! :)