Saturday, February 12, 2011

Stillers Lost- there's always the Stanley Cup, right?!

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past week, you should know that the Pittsburgh Steelers lost to the Green Bay Packers in the XLV Super Bowl 25-31.  You may remember that Van and I were going to watch the game in the South Side of Pittsburgh, lots of people and bars.  However, we were headed to a house party.  Here is a funny photo from the South Side a couple of hours before the game last Sunday.

I had never seen so much black and yellow before in my life!  [Insert Wiz Khalifa lyric here.]  You should also probably check out the official Black and Yellow video.  I like to change the lyrics to "Purp and Yellow" when I'm rooting for the Lakers. Regardless, the Steelers lost.  :( Obviously I am a band-wagon fan, but since the Seahawks weren't playing and LA hasn't had a team since The Raiders- I wanted to support the city where I live.
Please note our knock-off $5 "Pittsburgh football" shirts, (my shirt was a child's large that I cut-up), and the terrible towel in my left hand.  Those things have an epic saga that stemmed from a brilliant marketing ploy.  Read about it here on Wikipedia.

Anyways, I don't really have any crazy stories or photos, because everyone was pretty saddened and bummed after the game and pretty much went straight home.  Also, when we were driving home I had never seen so many cops in my life- I guess they didn't want any riots starting.  A couch was lit on fire down the street from my house, not sure what the message there was??

Here are a couple more shots from the game day house party.

So no great wins for Pittsburgh football this season- let's keep our fingers crossed for the Penguins and the Stanley Cup.  
xx Megan


  1. Hard to see you two in Stealers gear. I'm sure it was a wild time in Pittsburgh!

  2. Even the walls were yellow, like a big psychic "we're with ya, Stillers." Gotta say, we were band-wagon fans once removed, but alotta good that did, eh?

  3. Sorry Megan, but we couldn't get up for rooting for the "Stillers" even with you two there. Had to go for the local Chico guy who did a pretty good job! He's actually even a friend of our nephew in Chico.

  4. Shelley and Shelly- it was definitely an experience being here for the Super Bowl. The Monday after the game was especially sad and gloomy for everyone-and of course, the weather didn't help.
    Shelley- who do you guys do from Chico that plays for the Packers?
    Mom- Steelers fans bleed black and yellow! :)

  5. I guess in Steeler Town they don't talk much about the Packer QB., but in NorCal he is a star! Aaron Rodgers went to my nephews church in Chico and not only is he an MVP but a great guy as well!