Sunday, March 20, 2011

Greasy Spoons

So apparently this blog is turning into a foodie blog- and for the time being, I'm OK with that. Hey- I like delicious food, and if I can help another person find a cool new spot with good eats, why wouldn't I?!
Today in Pittsburgh, the weather is ABSOLUTELY beautiful- I have no complaints, the sun is out and shining and everyone seems happier.  I am.  Plus, it's also slightly gratifying that it is pouring rain in LA, haha, suckers.
Anyways, Van and I decided that we would take a lovely Sunday stroll and walk to a local diner, Ritter's for breakfast.  This diner is located in the Bloomfield area of Pittsburgh, and although I couldn't find a website for it, here is the Urban Spoon review. Anyways, it is a really cool, older, greasy spoon diner- with Greek influences.
As you can see- very unassuming exterior.
We walked inside and the place was packed, there was also a line of 3 people in front of us, yet we were still seated within 5 minutes.  Just the way I like it.  We were taken to the back room, which was still pretty full- but not too loud or overwhelming.   Immediately, we started checking out the menu.

We started with coffee for Van, green tea for me and Spanakopita as an appetizer.

The Spanakopita was pretty darn good, not quite as good as my friend Leah's homemade recipe- but pretty delicious none the less.  Also, the waitress was nice and prompt, which is always appreciated and refreshing.
Here area  couple photos of the menu- note the Greek flair.

As the main course, I decided on the Athenian Omelet, which was vegetarian and: "A combo of feta, raw onions and black olives"  this also came with home fries and toast for $6.75.  Van chose the pancakes, two eggs, grits and toast.
I LOVED my omelet, and the home fries/toast were good too, I of course drenched everything in hot sauce- which was a bit watered down.  I took half the meal home, so pretty much scored two meals for $6.75- you really can't beat that price.  Van really liked the pancakes and eggs.  The grits were flavorless, (I tried them and concurred) and had to be doctored with A LOT of salt and pepper to even be edible.
All and all, for the price and location, (walking distance from our house) I will definitely be back, I also want to take my parents when they are here in a couple of weeks.  If you haven't, you definitely need to check out Ritter's, cheap, easy and good. Like me, haha. JK.


  1. You guys are sure hitting the Pittsburg restaurant scene! Did you see my FB link to a Southwest Airlines sight which was reviewing some interesting Pittsburgh restaurants? If not, you should check it out - some more great local places to try out.

  2. This is my "coffee shop" breakfast fixation dressed up like Zorba the Greek! And, walking distance - you betcha!

  3. Shelley- I missed that, but I will have to check it out! We are always looking for new and interesting places to try out!
    Mom- definitely, you guys would love this place, and it is literally across the street from your hotel. Perf.

  4. Megan, you were right, this place is bangin'. I went a little less healthy and more towards the lunch menu (it was about 11:30). We ordered the pierogies with sour cream as a starter and they were absolute heaven. For my actual meal, I chose the lasagna - again, died and went to fat ridden heaven. I was skeptical about it until you told me to go so kudos to you!

  5. Lisa, we have to try the pierogies- I was definitely eyeing them. Also- I want to check out the lunch menu.
    Can't wait to take my parents here this weekend, they will love it! Glad you guys enjoyed it. You and James should come over to our house sometime and we can walk over.