Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter- German Style

In my family, Easter is all about spending time with family and eating.  Obviously I couldn't be with the fam this year- so we decided on the next best thing, celebrating Easter with brunch at a German brewpub. Really, what could be better?  We went to the Hofbrauhaus in Southside Works, which had a pretty good Easter brunch, and lots of activities for kids, with a percentage of the proceeds going to a local animal shelter.  Yeah charity!
Here is the outside of the Hofbrauhaus, and the actual website can be found here.

I may have been a little over-dressed for the brewpub, with my Herve Leger coat, but I wanted to dress up for Easter!  Also, please note my wind-blown hair.
 We had reservations at 11:30am, and were quickly say by a Bavarian beer wench against a wall.  Even though it was overcast we still asked to move to a window seat.  Check out our view of the river and the interior of the restaurant.  The river was so high today!

Van then ordered a Lager, (a sensible half-liter for brunch) and I had a mimosa as we scoped the menu.
The entertainment was also fun- two Germans, one with a stand-up bass and the other with an accordion.  We had actually seen these guys at the Church Brew Works during Oktoberfest. There was also singing and German chants.  Definitely getting our German fix in here! 

In regards to the foodie choices of the morning, I ordered the 3 cheese omelet, and Van ordered some German skillet thing and a side order of sauerkraut.  Both were pretty tasty.  Van's skillet below.

Fun atmosphere, and a good way to celebrate the holiday.  Viva Germany.


  1. Yum! Meg, this looks delicious. Much better than my kimchi-filled Easter dinner. It seems like you guys have found some great restaurants over there (as I knew you would)!

  2. Hey Mojo, you look good in Herve Lager, no matter where! Looks like you did Easter with good German flair, like the proper part-German lass that you are. Liked the look of the beer and food, especially Van's side of saurkraut. You were missed big time around here, but glad you stuck close to your heritage as you ventured out this Easter.

  3. Looks like good German food. Certainly different from your Thai, Korean Barbecue, and Mexican food of L.A.!

  4. Katie- there are definitely some interesting Polish/German restaurants around the area. Also, some good brewpubs. Can't wait for you to visit, even if it is in winter! :)
    Mom- you are right- Herve Leger is perfect for anywhere!
    Shelley- Definitely different foodie discoveries here- with a more European flair. When I go home next month, I'm ONLY going to eat Mexican and Asian foods.