Monday, May 9, 2011

Friendship in BLOOM!

Hey hey,
So- as some of you may or may not know, I've hit a bit of a rough patch in my professional life.  Nothing too severe, as to where I can't recover- but just a bumpy patch.  If you know me- you know this.  If you don't know me, message me for the juicy details.  Therefore I have found myself exploring additional ways to generate revenue- EBAY! Or Fee-Bay as us snarkies like to call it. 
Today I had to head to the post office to mail off some items, and instead of driving- chose to walk there, it is literally down the street from my house and it is a GORGEOUS day.  So I figured that I would share some photos of the lovely neighborhood of Friendship, in Pittsburgh, FINALLY blooming in Spring.
You will notice a lot of brick, (the housing material that dominates the area) and colorful blooms. Thankfully, at least the weather is on my side and I couldn't be happier about it.  Also, this may entice some of you West Coasters to come visit me. Enjoy.

 Tulips!  The woman who lives here has a green thumb, and even has a room in her house as a dedicated greenhouse.

Love these colors.
 This is my neighbor's house- the architecture is pretty incredible.  Hard to imagine that single families used to live in these houses.  Today, most of these enormous homes have been converted into multiple apartments.

 My side-yard. Love all of the wrought-iron.
 The smell of these are intoxicating! Yummmy!
 In the back-yard- so colorful.
 Leading to the garage...
 SOOOOO very ecstatically happy.  No more S.A.D.!
 Neighbor's house.


  1. Hey Megan!

    Sorry to hear about the bumpy patch but it looks like you are doing great and spring is offering bright, new beginnings! Quite a beautiful time out there it seems! Give my best to Van and be well!

  2. Love the flowers. Did I spot a dogwood tree? One of my favorites! See you soon.

  3. What a gorgeous day for a walk! There's a bit of a chill in the air here, but bright around the edges. Thanks for "sharing the view."

  4. Thank you Alex! Onwards and upwards. Your travels look amazing as well!
    Shelley- I think that was a dogwood tree- Spring is beautiful here!
    SP- This time of year is incredible- will be next month too when you're here! <3

  5. Awww, Meg. Those are beautiful pictures. I feel the same as you when everything starts to bloom - it sure is a welcomed relief from those crazy winters! Love you girl and can't wait to visit.