Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hometown Grub 2-Asian edition.

Ok- so I believe that I left off with the delicious Vietnamese restaurant that we went to in Fountain Valley, CA one night.
We basically ate shrimp, and more shrimp.  We began our meal with a salad and shrimp appetizers.  Look closely at the shrimp- doesn't it look like it is coated in rice crispies?

Then for our main course, we all shared: more shrimp, beef and fish.

Everything was prepared and made from scratch in the kitchen- I know this, because I could quite literally see into the kitchen.  Staff is very limited.  I believe the female owner/head chef's son was our waiter- because he looked pretty young.  After the meal, the female chef came out to talk with us and ask us how everything had tasted- very classy touch.  She also gave us our bill-definitely a family operated kind-of place.  I highly recommend this restaurant for the food of course, and the restaurant decor and ambiance was also very clean, bright and lovely.
Finally- I could not write a post about my favorite foods in Los Angeles/Orange County without including...dumplings! Chinese dumplings to be exact.  If you have been (un)fortunate enough to be hungover with either Van or myself on a Sunday morning- you know that we pretty much always head to the San Gabriel valley for a dumpling feast.  This visit was no exception.  Unfortunately our favorite dumpling location, "Luscious Dumplings Inc." was closed. Noooooooooooo.  They randomly close for "vacations" during certain times of the year- but they are that good, that they can.  I have never been to this place when there wasn't a line out the door and a packed restaurant. 
So we had to settle on another San Gabriel Valley dumpling house that was good- but not amazingly great.  *sigh.  Check out these beauties:
First we have the set-up- hot tea and a mixture of vinegar, soy sauce and chili paste.

Next we have pan-fried dumplings filled with pork.
And bok choy of course...
And a plethora of soup, (the dumplings are literally filled with a soupy-meaty mixture) and steamed dumplings...magnifico.


  1. Loved that Vietnameese place!

  2. Me too! Definitely going to make it into the rotation on our trips home!