Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Nail-licious- Japanese style.

I have been extremely fascinated by Japanese nail art for quite sometime, but couldn't find any salons in Pittsburgh that specialized in this art.  So, I was ecstatic when I visited home and my friend Monica took me to her Japanese nail art salon in Costa Mesa, CA.  The salon is called "Atlas Studio" and the website is available here.
This salon is insane, we were greeted by a friendly staff in a clean environment- two imperatives in my book.  Yoko Ono was my nail artist, and she let me look through several volumes of photo albums to choose what type of nail art I preferred.  I wanted crazy- but not too crazy...remember, I'm going on job interviews people.  So I chose a sparkly clear undercoat with a sparkly black overlay, with one white "Chanel" style flower on both of my ring fingers and loads of bling on my thumbs.  The entire process took about 2 hours, and they turned out UH-mazing- seriously, I kept watching in awe.  Yoko is a serious artist- building the entire nail from scratch with acrylic, no "white tips" at this salon- and then literally creating and building the flowers on my nails.  Nothing was just stuck on- the flowers are 3-D because she made them with acrylic.  Also, every single piece of bling was individually applied.
Check out my finished results:

Incredible, right?!? Seriously still so in love with them.  My friend, Monica, chose purple tips with little bows. SO cute!!
A bit pricy- my set cost around $80- but for one of a kind nail art, I am willing to splurge once in awhile.  I am obsessed with Japanese 3-D nail art right now- I wonder if I could rally someone in Pittsburgh to open a salon here?  Any takers?  Anyone?