Sunday, July 24, 2011

NYC is the place! Duh! Part 1

Wow- it has been a minute since my last blog entry...sad. And not to get into a whole therapy session- but a lot has changed in my life recently: new job, new apartment, fiance in NYC for 3 months over the Summer- you get the idea. Kind-of overwhelming, but also exciting.  Regardless, I have genuinely missed blogging!
So the (only) good part about my fiance being in NYC this summer, while I am in Pittsburgh- is that I get to visit him in Manhattan, which is pretty amazingly fun.  I obviously love food and vintage fashion- so the city is a pretty ideal place for me to visit.  I tried out so many delicious eateries, that I think I am going to make this blog a 2 part series. Then I will get to the fashion...always the fashion.  Wow, I HIGHLY recommend the McQueen exhibit at the Met. Also, I discovered a couple of amazing vintage shops and an independent boutique that I am in love with now. Also- THANK YOU friends for all of the wonderful food/entertainment/museum recommendations: (Briar, Paige, Jade, Ellen) you guys rock!
Firstly there was the Flea Market Cafe.  Van lives in the east village- so a lot of these places are in that area.  This was just a cool, little cafe with really fresh ingredients.  I had a smoked salmon salad.

We then went on a David Chang rampage and visited the east village, Milk Bar.
Yes, those are "cake balls."  The Milk Bar is basically a coffee/dessert shop.  I didn't have any desserts, but I ordered an iced latte- and the espresso was delicious.  The menu was interesting offering drinks and milkshakes with different cereal-flavored milks.  When I asked the barista about those drinks, he told me that the milk was literally steeped with different cereals.  Interesting.  Website here.

Later that day- we had our second David Chang course at the mid-town eatery, Ma Peche. It seems to me that David Chang restaurants are a bit polarizing- basically people either love or hate them.  As of now, I am on team Chang.  Ma Peche was delectable, our service was impeccable, the waiter was funny with boundaries and not pretentious.
We started with the pigs head appetizer.
I then had the sole and Van had the veal.  Can you tell that we are far from vegetarians?

Beautiful presentation huh?
The next day, (which was Father's Day) we ventured to the famous Russ and Daughters for bagels of course.  Apparently the iconic eatery used to be named Russ and Sons but then the sons no longer wanted to be associated with the place- so the daughters took over.  Girl power what?! Needless to say, the place was PACKED, so we took a number and waited in line.

I chose to go with a mini-bagel with caviar cream cheese and smoked salmon.  Seriously yum.

Hot damn, is your mouth- watering yet?! Mine is... Ok, and finally we ended our tour at my favorite ramen restaurant in the city (so far) Ipuddo.  This place is amazing, and very authentic- with restaurants in only Tokyo and New York. I love me some ramen, it warns my soul.

We started off with these lightly-friend peppers with lemon and salt as garnishes, as an appetizer. Really tasty.
Then I ordered the Akamaru Modern ramen with the addition of egg and pork belly of course.

Did I mention that we love ramen?! The conversation at the table generally comes to a halt when the ramen is served.  Ooh- I almost forgot, I also ordered a Sriracha infused cocktail.
Aight, I am making myself too hungry.  Part deux...coming up.

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