Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dirty South

Lately my blog has been travel, travel, travel- but hey, it is titled, LA Abroad- so deal. :)  We narrowly escaped the depths of Hurricane Irene on our recent vacation down south to Beautiful Emerald Isle, NC.  Emerald Isle was truly the most incredible east coast beach that I have visited- very cinematic and movie-like.  The beach was not crowded and the water was super warm- perfect for a relaxing, lovely vacation.  Ever played ladder ball?  It will change your life.  We rented a beach house with some friends, and had a blast playing in the waves, reading on the beach, cooking and eating some down south delicacies.  Also, I played Settlers of Catan for the first time- uh-mazing, the board-game nerd in me loved it.  If you ever want to play...holla!

The beach house- and Van with Kindle of course.

Moi, chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool- being mindful of the sun of course.  No premature wrinkles for me. ;).  PS The book that I finished on vacation and is pictured below, Super Sad True Love Story is really good.  Buy it/Borrow it and read it.

As I mentioned- we tried some Southern delicacies.  Our first dinner out was at Riverside Steak and Seafood in Swansboro, NC.  The food was good, and the portions were HUGE.  Literally enough for 3 meals.  I tried the Shrimp and Grits, and Van had the soft shell crab.

We obviously couldn't leave North Carolina without trying some authentic NC bbq.  This bbq style is known for the slow-cooked pork and the vinegar based sauce.  Really tasty.  We stumbled into this little joint called the Bogue House. Definitely not a fancy restaurant, but some great bbq, and I tried my first hush puppy- didn't do much for me.  I tried the shrimp and pork with collards and yams.  Also, VERY generous portions- and in case you don't know, (because I didn't) the fried tubes on top are hush puppies.

The outside of the restaurant...Ha! And the hot sauce and bbq sauce.

Finally- I had to add this whimsical photo.  My friend took it, and I think my camera was reacting to the humidity...but I still think it's such a cool shot.

All and all our beach vacation was perfect- relaxing, beautiful, and the indulgence in fried food was fun.  And, we didn't even have to be evacuated.

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