Thursday, August 11, 2011

Goodbye my Coney Island Baby

I just got home from my last weekend Summer trip to NYC.  Had so much fun of course- and we checked out Brooklyn/Coney Island/Brighton Beach for the first time.

Coney Island was pretty close to what I had imagined- kind-of a mix between Venice/Santa Monica- with a lot of east coast flavor mixed it.  We walked along the board walk and took in a lot of the sites.

The carnival was very old-school, and we of course had to go on the "Wonder Wheel"- with a swinging seat of course.

Further down the boardwalk we walked out onto the pier- and there were a lot of people crabbing and fishing- catching them too!

We decided to omit the hot dogs and ice cream for some Russian/Ukrainian food towards the other end of the boardwalk in Brighton Beach.  We ended up at this Pirate themed restaurant, Gambrinus.  I think that we were the only ones not drinking beer AND vodka.  Ha. Amazing.
We ended the excursion with reading on the beach, that was covered in glass- may I add.  How does that even happen?! Honestly- it must take a lot of strength and effort to break that many bottles on the beach.  Reading on the beach, minus the broken glass everywhere, was fun until the wind and rain picked up. 
Till next time NY, maybe a Dec. birthday trip is in the cards?! (Fingers crossed)