Monday, September 19, 2011

It's Britney Bitch...

Last month two girlfriends and I decided to take advantage of a Groupon, and ended up with awesome floor seats to see Britney Spears at the Consol Energy Center. Epic venue.  I had been there previously to see a Penguins game.

Pauly D (yes- that Pauly D) and Nicki Minaj were supposed to open for her.  I was the most excited to see Nicki out of all three of them- but unfortunately she didn't show up to the Pittsburgh show.  WHY NICKI WHY? So we were left with fist-pumping and Britney...could have been worse...(maybe?)

For some reason, I just really wanted to see Britney live- once in my life.  I have to admit that this wasn't the toned, gorgeous, amazing dancer, Britney of the early 2000's-but the show was still a fun spectacle with lots of choreography and costume-changes.  I also have to say that the audience costumes did not disappoint.

This angel-Britney was from the finale- definitely the most spectacular!
Me and friends <3

All and all- I'm glad that I splurged a bit and was able to see Britney.  Definitely worth it.

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