Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pittsburgh Public Market

Although I worked both days this weekend at our Healthy Women's Expo, after the event today I found some time to go to the Pittsburgh Public Market.  I love this place, and Van had never been-so this Sunday afternoon was perfect.  It's kind-of like an indoor and more permanent Farmers Market- with a variety of local vendors: produce, specialty dessert items, clothing, crafts, ready to eat foods, live music and more. The market is only open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays- so you have to take advantage of it when you can.  Parking is easy, you can either pay $5 to park on the side of the street as the market, or feed the meter to park on the opposite side of the street.  We chose to feed the meter- $1...score.
The entrance to the market:
 Since I love so many of the vendors in here, I'll just share a few.  Let's start with the UH-MAZING Baklava- because I <3 dessert first :)

A few photos of the Baklava-photo credit and descriptions: Jesse Mills. Thanks again for these awesome photos Jesse!
Here's the shot of the sweet cheese baklava - ricotta and Mascarpone layered with pistachio and sweetened with a rosewater simple syrup. The cup is made from FILO dough and clarified European butter
This next shot is focused on a shredded wheat with walnut and pistachio.
Next, we picked up some Pastis for dinner at the "Blighty-Like British Food but better" booth.  I know it sounds weird- but Van was craving British food.  I was skeptical, but pleasantly surprised. 
Mmmmm...delicious Pastis. 
 The owner, Christopher Jones.

 Moi at the Pittsburgh Public Market booth :)

We had to pick up some veggies and meats from Clarion River Organics- love these guys!

And finally, it wouldn't have been right to leave the market without our fair share of smoked meats: Coppa, pork belly confit and eggs.  Thank you Crested Duck Charcuterie!

Nom nom nom, so much deliciousness.  So yeah, if you haven't been down to the Strip District lately- check out the PPM- it is awesome, and supporting local vendors and fresh food.  Plus, it's fun and entertaining- make it an outing. :)


  1. Just found your blog and I love it! I moved from LA 5 years ago and am in love with The Burgh. I live in Lawrenceville as it most reminds me of the vibe in Venice Beach where I grew up. Looking forward to more posts!

  2. The different kinds of baklava looked amazing! So much great food!

  3. GriffinsMum- That's so funny-small world. Yeah, we moved from Friendship to Shadyside recently and we like both areas- for different reasons. :) We like the Burgh- but the weather is still pretty brutal- especially in the Winter! Where do you go for your beach fix?
    Shelley- The baklava is SO amazing- we'll have to go when you visit. I think our favorites are the walnut and pistachio.

  4. Meg! This is torturous. This looks amazing, and so do you. I miss you so much little lady and can't wait for you to take me around to all these different places when I come to visit!!

  5. Katie- Yes! My goodness, I can't wait! I was just thinking about your upcoming trip to the Burgh, we'll have so much fun, but it may be a little cold. :) I have lots of fun places in mind. Miss you so much boo xx