Sunday, November 13, 2011

Saturday Shopping Spree: a la Handmade Arcade

Ahhh- shopping and the holiday season, go together like vodka and soda. Ha...but seriously I love it- especially shopping for other people.  On Saturday, I had the opportunity to attend my first Handmade Arcade at the David Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh.  Thanks again for the invite Heather!
This was a really cool, FREE event that featured several vendors, local as well as from other mainly Eastern states, that sold handmade wares. There was everything from jewelry, clothing to artwork and soaps.  Lots of vendors as well as patrons.
Heather and I both bought some gifts for others- as well as maybe one or two things for ourselves. :)
Heather found the cutest kiddie hoodies, (so cute she bought 2, for different gifts.)  The hoodies were designed by Diane Koss, you can find her Etsy site here.  The brand is: "Cutesy but not Cutesy." Ha!  You can see the hoodie for yourself below- furry hood- with the adornment of horns and a duck. So perfect- some of the toys were  fun too! I liked the cupcakes!

I also bought these cool prints from my old co-worker Seth.  He created the mallard print, and his friend did the dog one.  The dog remind you of another dog I love?! Check out his blog.

And for the quintessential handmade gift, I found these hand screen painted dish towels, from Pink Bathtub Designs.  If you guessed that I bought the one with the black cat- you would have been correct. My fiance is severely allergic to cats- so no real ones for me, but I still like them, especially in my favorite color.

Next up, comes the jewelry- these were the gifts that I bought for yours truly.  I purchased one necklace, and two pairs of earrings- all from different vendors.
The necklace was from an amazing designer named Emily Biller, and her company is called Water and Salt
I chose a sterling silver necklace with black glass beads- beautiful! Below is me modeling the necklace, and actually one pair of the new earrings I purchased as well.
Heather bought a beautiful sterling silver and clear glass necklace from the same designer.
We love our new necklaces!  Here is another shot of some of their other items that were for sale.
Next up are the earrings- as I mentioned I bought two pairs.  The ones that I am wearing in the above photo are sterling silver, (although they appear to be darkened) with glass beads on the end.  Absolutely love them-perfect for the holiday season.  So light-weight and feminine, very me. They were handcrafted by Jill Popowich- "Designs in Metal".  Her Etsy website can be found here.
My earrings, and a few of her necklaces that I liked- but didn't buy.  I couldn't go crazy here people.
Finally, to be sensible- I also purchased these chic little pair of black ceramic and copper studs (with gold posts), by Lanyapi Designs- New and Repurposed Vintage Jewelry.  So versatile.  Love them!

Ahhh- are you seeing the diversity and immensity of all of the vendors?  I could go on and on- but just wanted to share a few of my favorites.  I was only there for 2.5 hours- but could have stayed longer.  Although this event is only once a year, I would urge you to check it out if you are going to be in the Pittsburgh area next year for the holidays.  I was blown away, and there is something that feels really good about being able to connect with the people who made the products that you are purchasing.
Happy (beginning) of the Holiday season.  Too early?! Haha- sorry.


  1. Meagan: Nice blog. Maybe you want to read mine: or maybe not. At any rate, I'm glad your mom told me about your blog. PS! You're getting married? Our little Meagan? OMG.
    Jim Perkins

  2. Hi Jim! So nice to hear from you! Yes, I'm getting married this summer, and turning 28 this month..time flies huh? How are you? I will definitely check out your blog too, thanks for sharing!