Monday, November 21, 2011

Wedding Adornments

Aight, so in honor of Van and I taking some Pittsburgh engagement photos yesterday, I thought that I would share the one bit of my wedding attire that I have with me here, in Pittsburgh.  My dress and veil are now in Orange County.  I haven't yet picked out shoes, Spanx, garter, additional jewelry, etc.  HOWEVER- I do have, my earrings! 
Earrings have always held a special place in my heart because my Dad took me to get my ears pierced at Newberry's in LA when I was 2.  Damn, am I aging myself? LA folks, do they even still have those? I vaguely remember being a bit frightened by the entire experience- but from then on I LOVED wearing earrings.
So anyways, my future mother in law alerted me that Gilt Groupe was having a sale with everything wedding-related.
I found these beauties- by Kenneth Jay Lane. 

Specifically they are the "Cluster Top Drop Canary- Yellow" by Kenneth Jay Lane. And they are CZ, I'm not balling that hard yet. Ha.
On my ear...
I think that I have an affinity for yellow- because of my beautiful engagement ring.
I'll share some of my favorite engagement photo shots once I get them back from the photographer.  Also, I'm so looking forward to trying on my dress/veil next week when I go home for the holiday.  Happy Thanksgiving friends!


  1. The earrings look gorgeous! So glad that you found them on the Guilt sight

  2. Thank you so much Shelley-you are the one that pointed me in the direction of the website! I will take a photo and send to you of me wearing the dress, veil and earrings!