Sunday, February 19, 2012

Header and Herve!

First of all- I want to thank the very talented Nick Wagner- for my awesome new header!  I collaborated with him on this- as I wanted an industrial feeling and the LA skyline.  It just so happened that those are Nick's specialties.  I am so happy that I met Nick at my former place of employment in Pittsburgh- and I absolutely love my new header.  Thank you!!

I also have another print by Nick that is framed and on my mantle, literally. Love it.  Thank you again!

Alright-this weekend I also took care of a lot of wedding items.  Fairly mundane; I ordered my cake-topper, and the pen for my guest book, as well as our toasting glasses, (I didn't even realize I needed these until I was told by my wedding planner). And I also ordered my garter- which will double as my something blue.  Ahhhhh! Am I really getting married in 3.5 months?! That is insanity to me.

Anyways, I finally have my beautiful wedding rehearsal dinner dress- from Herve Leger of course.  I have a connection and loyalty to this brand because I worked at the Beverly Hills/Rodeo Dr. store for almost a year when I was 23 and interning in LA.  So crazy, right?  I have literally seen enough Hollywood elite boobs and butt to last a lifetime- no joke.  Take me out for a cocktail and I will regale you with my stories.  Ha- jk.  But yes, I still have some wonderful friends that work at the store and they tell me when an exceptional sale is happening- so that I can afford the clothing.
My new Herve Leger "black card".

 Herve Leger are basically all bandage dresses- similar to Aaliyah from the 80's.  I ordered a beautiful short white bandage dress, and had it sent to me.  Love it so much! Please excuse the crappy photo, it truly is a gorgeous dress!

I'll try it on for you guys after I have bought a pair of Spanx and have my hair/make-up did.  I don't want to put any make-up on tonight because I had my first allergic reaction to a facial-creme product this evening.  No bueno- my face looks like a cherry.

But yes- totally beautiful, I'm in love and so excited to wear it to my rehearsal dinner.  Van couldn't believe I bought a white dress- since I almost exclusively wear all black, all the time.  This is honestly the BIGGEST motivation for me to work out and eat well- because even though Herve Leger is amazing on ALL body types, especially girls' with boobs and butts, I still want to rock it!

I'm going to keep icing my red face and hope the Claritin kicks in and helps the allergic reaction- le sigh.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Korean Swag

Gee, it is Sunday, Feb. 5th, what in the world could possibly be going on today? I am obviously not a huge professional sports fans. Don't get me wrong, I love going to any type of sporting event/games and cheering on my home teams, but I'm not some crazy die-hard fanatic.  It's not me. But yes, I don't live under a rock so I am aware of some type of football event happening in a couple of hours. Ha. The extent of my knowledge about the Patriots is that Tom Brady is married to Gisele.  Anyways, two of my besties from the west-coast visited me over the weekend, and flew home this morning.  I'm sad. :( They made the trip to New York first, and then flew to Pittsburgh on Friday.  It was so fun to catch up with old friends and show them around Pittsburgh our new digs.  We took them to Hofbrauhaus and to Shadyside, Friendship and Lawrenceville. We showed them some of our favorite restaurants and bars, lots of bars. Lol. It was such a short trip- but really fun to see them.
Below are the ladies at Round Corner Cantina last night. Haha. Love the 1.5 hour waits for a table at Piccolo Forno. That pizza makes it all worth while though.

Also, my bestie, Katie, (the blonde in the middle) recently came back to the states from a year teaching abroad in Seoul, Korea.  I unfortunately couldn't make the trip over to Asia to go see her, but she brought me back so much cute swag- love it! Including my friendship bracelet in the above pix.
She knows my affinity to Hello Kitty and skincare products, so these items are perfect for me:

She also knows who I will be voting for in these!

Also, these little cosmetic accessories are so adorable...holy crap, why can't all my perfume and lip gloss come packaged like these little guys? Doesn't the one in the middle kinda look like me?! The pink bunnies and the girl are scents and the red bunny is lip gloss. Love.
Finally, we have this little guy.  Resemble anything to you? Two words: Penis Park. Click here for all the details- this is real. Amazing.
Wowza. I'm glad that my friend saw this and thought of me. Haha. But seriously, she brought both Van and I back so many thoughtful presents, and Seoul sounds like a truly incredible city.  I would like to visit Asia someday.   Looking forward to seeing you ladies at my wedding in 4 months! 
Enjoy the Superbowl, if you are watching.  I'll be watching the commercials.