Sunday, February 19, 2012

Header and Herve!

First of all- I want to thank the very talented Nick Wagner- for my awesome new header!  I collaborated with him on this- as I wanted an industrial feeling and the LA skyline.  It just so happened that those are Nick's specialties.  I am so happy that I met Nick at my former place of employment in Pittsburgh- and I absolutely love my new header.  Thank you!!

I also have another print by Nick that is framed and on my mantle, literally. Love it.  Thank you again!

Alright-this weekend I also took care of a lot of wedding items.  Fairly mundane; I ordered my cake-topper, and the pen for my guest book, as well as our toasting glasses, (I didn't even realize I needed these until I was told by my wedding planner). And I also ordered my garter- which will double as my something blue.  Ahhhhh! Am I really getting married in 3.5 months?! That is insanity to me.

Anyways, I finally have my beautiful wedding rehearsal dinner dress- from Herve Leger of course.  I have a connection and loyalty to this brand because I worked at the Beverly Hills/Rodeo Dr. store for almost a year when I was 23 and interning in LA.  So crazy, right?  I have literally seen enough Hollywood elite boobs and butt to last a lifetime- no joke.  Take me out for a cocktail and I will regale you with my stories.  Ha- jk.  But yes, I still have some wonderful friends that work at the store and they tell me when an exceptional sale is happening- so that I can afford the clothing.
My new Herve Leger "black card".

 Herve Leger are basically all bandage dresses- similar to Aaliyah from the 80's.  I ordered a beautiful short white bandage dress, and had it sent to me.  Love it so much! Please excuse the crappy photo, it truly is a gorgeous dress!

I'll try it on for you guys after I have bought a pair of Spanx and have my hair/make-up did.  I don't want to put any make-up on tonight because I had my first allergic reaction to a facial-creme product this evening.  No bueno- my face looks like a cherry.

But yes- totally beautiful, I'm in love and so excited to wear it to my rehearsal dinner.  Van couldn't believe I bought a white dress- since I almost exclusively wear all black, all the time.  This is honestly the BIGGEST motivation for me to work out and eat well- because even though Herve Leger is amazing on ALL body types, especially girls' with boobs and butts, I still want to rock it!

I'm going to keep icing my red face and hope the Claritin kicks in and helps the allergic reaction- le sigh.

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