Sunday, March 4, 2012


I'm feeling...a little emo, and a lot reflective right now.  I think, (and I am not trying to jinx anything) that it is officially Spring, after the most mild Winter Pittsburgh has had in the past 10 years.  Pittsburghers- am I wrong?!
Although it did snow a tiny bit today, (ie 10 minutes) it was also sunny at some points. So strange.
Spring is also showing through my beautiful little orchid- it is blooming, with 2 additional buds!
Van's mom bought us this little plant when we first moved to Pittsburgh, almost 2 years ago.  I have miraculously kept it alive, through all of the traveling and moving apartments with 3 ice-cubes a week. Uh-mazing.  I really do love this little plant though- and what can I say, it is flourishing.
So...lots of life-items are changing for me, (did you get the Bowie reference)? I am currently still hard at work with the health and wellness consulting company- with probably our biggest event of the year coming up later this month.  I'm definitely going to blog about that event soon.  I'm also wedding planning, (from across the country) which (thank God for help in CA), and taking a Nutrition class, that I am thoroughly enjoying.  I am blessed in a lot of ways.

Van will graduate with his MBA from Carnegie Mellon in 2 months.  He has interviewed all over the country, but we are hoping to move back to CA to be closer to family.  Nothing is definite at this point.  I don't want to talk about anything too much, until something definite happens- but you guys will be the first to know where we are headed next, or if we are staying in Pittsburgh. Also, Van and I are getting MARRIED in 3 months and are fortunate to be going on a honeymoon to Europe afterwards.

Right now- I'm just trying to focus on the next 3 months, and with the sage advice from my mother- not put too much pressure on myself with wondering what is next.  But, I'm not going to lie, it's hard...can you feel me? If you know me- you know that I am a planner, and I'm not a fan of not knowing anything.  Especially, where I'm going to be living in 3 months, the housing/moving situation, or what I'll be doing in terms of school/employment.  Blah. 

Anyways, although there is a lot of uncertainty  in our lives right now- I'm trying to look at our situation optimistically and be excited about it. Trying.

Positive thoughts/vibes/prayers are always appreciated- and especially now.



  1. Your mom's advice (same as mine ;) is good!

    On another note, thank you for a wonderful birthday last night!

  2. Thanks lady! You and my Mom are definitely on the same page.
    So happy that I could celebrate your birthday with you- it was a blast.