Tuesday, July 17, 2012


You have probably gathered from my post that V and I have decided to adopt...A DOG!  Jeez- were you thinking a child?! Not ready for that for a couple of more years.  We just got married- give us a break people.  Ha- but seriously, we are madly in love with our new family addition.  Lola is 7 months old and is 25 lbs.  She is almost full grown- perfect size for us and our apartment.  She is an interesting mix- Pit, Corgi, Dachsund- probably.  I don't even want to think about how that happened.

We highly recommend adopting pets, because there are SO many out there that need a loving home.  We used Downtown Dog Shelter in LA. It was very easy- we just had to contact the organization and then fill out an application.  We then met with the woman who was fostering Lola, and then our new baby was delivered the next day.

So...meet Lola!

I'm obsessed with her!! She loves other dogs of all sizes, and being outside.  We just adopted Lola last week, but I've taken her to the Silverlake reservoir a few times already because there is an awesome dog park there, and it's very close to my house. Below are a few pics of Lola at the res.

Also, for you single peeps- the dog park is notoriously known for being a meat market.  Ha- jk...kinda.  But if you're a hot, single chick- you may get asked out. 

We love Lola!  Also- this song is now stuck in our heads, because Van has played it over, and over and over.  Hopefully it is now stuck in your head.


Monday, July 9, 2012

Spanish Love

That title sounds like a Santana song, maybe it is?  Anyways, I'm daydreaming about our beautiful honeymoon in Spain and France.  I spoke with a coworker this morning on the phone, and told her all about it- and it definitely brought back many memories.

Right now, I wish that I could close my eyes and be back in San Sebastian drinking a glass of regional white wine and eating Pintxos!   Curious are you? Pintxos are basically the Basque version of Spanish tapas.  Bar owners literally set out plates of them on the bar counters throughout the day, and people can walk up to the bar and ask for a plate and then feast on the small delicasies.  Yum.  Below are a couple pics of our favorite ones.  The bird's nest with the shrimp on top was my fav!

Also, ham is a big deal in Spain and particularly in the Basque country.  We tried some incredible Jamon iberico (Iberico ham).  They also have it hanging in a lot of bars/restaurants in the area.  We may have considered purchasing one and bringing it home- but we didn't follow through with it.  Too messy- notice the fat catchers. 

Is it time for dessert yet?  
Below were some of my favorite Spanish desserts mainly from two restaurants where we tried the tasting menus.  If you're curious, the first two are from a phenomenal restaurant named Etxebarri and the last two were from a lesser known but almost equally amazing restaurant in San Sebastian named Bodegon Alejandro.  From top:  Smoked vanilla ice cream with raspberry compote. 
French toast soaked in fresh cream and egg yolk, caramelized in sauce pan and served with cheese ice cream.
Fresh strawberries served with whipped mascarpone cream and biscuit crumbs with a hint of licorice.
Finally, the last one wasn't really dessert- but I had never had anything like it.  Spanish hot chocolate- very thick consistency, almost like glue. 
Yum.  French culinary adventures coming soon.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hey Wha?! Heywood.

Wakefield that is...one of my favorite things about moving into a new space is the interior decorating part.  The unpacking/moving part not so much- but I love interior designing.

As some of you may know- I used to be very into "Shabby Chic" and I still am- but as I am now sharing a home with my husband- who happens to be a straight male, we needed to come to a compromise.  We both really like mid-century modern/Danish designs.  These furniture pieces are typically characterized by clean lines, solid wood and timeless design.  My favorite furniture designer from the 50's-60's era is Heywood Wakefield.  I'm obsessed with the designs!  We found a couple of amazing pieces in Pittsburgh- a coffee table and end table, both in the champagne finish- and definitely both needing to be refinished, but for only $70.  That is a joke- total steal.  Coffee table and side table pictured below.

Also, had to share a close-up of a couple of my favorite coffee table books: McQueen, MoMa and Pittsburgh watercolors!

Next up we found in LA (and by "found" I'm referring to scouring Craigslist-unless otherwise noted) this beautiful multi-use Heywood Wakefield piece.  I think it technically is a vanity (missing the mirror)- but we are currently using it as a TV stand.  It is in the champagne finish as well, and is in excellent condition.  Another steal at $150.  I'm in love with it- and we only had to drive to the valley to get it!
A few other Pittsburgh gems- that aren't Heywood Wakefield, but are super cool too.  First up is our little record holder.  The inside of this is a little non-functional since it literally has slats only for records- but the outside is so perfect.  We got this from a little antique shop in the 'Burgh.
Also the lamp is an awesome 60's gem from one of my Godfather's Saturday sales on Silverlake Blvd. in Los Angeles.  Check him out at Scott and Silverlake Blvd. Saturday mornings/afternoons!
Finally, we found this beautiful 30's Asian inspired/Art deco dresser from a little, elderly lady in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood in Pittsburgh.  Her daughter was selling a set for her on Craigslist- and we quickly snatched them up.  We are using the shorter one as a credenza/buffet in the living room, and the taller one as a dresser in the bedroom.  Below is the one in the living room.
The whole set-up- and a shot of our dining area.
 Finally- I had to share a pic of the epic view of the Hollywood Scientology center from our balcony.  Can you see it- the huge, blue building in the far right background in the pic.  At night the "Scientology" sign lights up.  Does your life feel complete now?

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaack. Did you miss me? I know you did.

Le sigh.  Where to begin, let's just say it has been an eventful past 3 months.  Since, I like my blog posts short and sweet- (like me- most of the time) I will try to give you a VERY abridged version of the major life-changing moments over the past couple of months.

So, let's start with my husband, (yep, HUSBAND now- but fiance at this time) graduated from the Carnegie Mellon Tepper School of Business.  Yeah Van! His lovely parents and sister, Whitney, came to town for graduation which was fun.  We always eat and drink a lot with them- and of course did some Pittsburgh sight-seeing. Below is Van with his honor cords!

Next up- we MOVED BACK TO LOS ANGELES.  Yeah!! Hence, the name-change in my blog, what do you guys think?  It works, right?  Van received an awesome job offer at a finance tech start-up in Hollywood- so we moved back.  We found a really cool apartment in the East Hollywood, Silverlake/Los Feliz area where Van can literally ride the Subway/bike to work.  And as some of you probably know- this is UNHEARD of here.  So that's exciting.  I will continue with my current job in health/wellness consulting and work remotely in LA- which is a great set-up for me too.

Then there were the bachelorette and shower festivities.  My incredible bridesmaids threw me a wonderful party that consisted of all of my favorite activities: wine-tasting, eating, dancing, walking barefoot down Hollywood Blvd. at 2am. Wha?! Well, everything except the last one.  Thank you ladies- you're amazing, all I can say is that when you aren't born with sisters, your friends really are your sisters.  Thank you. Here are some of my favorite pics- please note the random sea creature I met at the Supper Club.

The next day, literally the day after my bachelorette party, my Aunt Beth had a beautiful shower for me in Orange County.  Thank you Beth- it was so lovely and perfect in every way!  I'm not going to lie, it was a little hard getting up in the morning, but the bridesmaids and I rallied and were A-OK.  Ha.  I look a little tired.
 Love, Love, Love these ladies! xx

Me and the Moms <3

Aren't my Swedish cousins beautiful?
Counting down the days here...then there was the rehearsal dinner- where I FINALLY got to wear my beautiful Herve Leger dress- yeah! We chose this French/Vietnamese restaurant named The Brodard Chateau, and Van's uncle provided the wine from his own label- Mason. Thank you Shelley and Mark for bringing it down!

I have to throw in the amazing Korean liquor tasting that happened in the hotel after the dinner.  Thank you again Ms. Granger.  So fun to hang out with the girl's that night- they helped keep my nerves at bay. ;)  I've known these ladies since either elementary school or middle school.  Pretty incredible.

Since neither Van or I got cold feet- the next day was WEDDING DAY!!
We chose The Hacienda, in Santa Ana, CA to be our venue- and it was absolutely perfect for us.  So special in every way, from our family and friends that celebrated with us to my brother's band playing and the DJ was awesome too.  At the risk of sounding cheesy, it truly was the happiest day of my life. 

Here are some getting ready pics.

Look at those fierce shoes my maid of honor wore ALL NIGHT LONG.  I may have taken mine off at the end of the night, which I have been known to do, but she was a trooper all the way through.

Then headed to the venue-I don't have any pics of Van since there were all before "the first look." But once I get the professionals back, I'll share a few of those.

So yes, after 5 years of being together, Van and I are officially married.  YEAH!! Also, my flowers were insane- thanks again Cyin Sistas!!

Next up was our honeymoon- but I'll save that for another post because there were A LOT of food pics.  Imagine that.  After my 3.5 month hiatus it feels really good to me back.