Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hey Wha?! Heywood.

Wakefield that of my favorite things about moving into a new space is the interior decorating part.  The unpacking/moving part not so much- but I love interior designing.

As some of you may know- I used to be very into "Shabby Chic" and I still am- but as I am now sharing a home with my husband- who happens to be a straight male, we needed to come to a compromise.  We both really like mid-century modern/Danish designs.  These furniture pieces are typically characterized by clean lines, solid wood and timeless design.  My favorite furniture designer from the 50's-60's era is Heywood Wakefield.  I'm obsessed with the designs!  We found a couple of amazing pieces in Pittsburgh- a coffee table and end table, both in the champagne finish- and definitely both needing to be refinished, but for only $70.  That is a joke- total steal.  Coffee table and side table pictured below.

Also, had to share a close-up of a couple of my favorite coffee table books: McQueen, MoMa and Pittsburgh watercolors!

Next up we found in LA (and by "found" I'm referring to scouring Craigslist-unless otherwise noted) this beautiful multi-use Heywood Wakefield piece.  I think it technically is a vanity (missing the mirror)- but we are currently using it as a TV stand.  It is in the champagne finish as well, and is in excellent condition.  Another steal at $150.  I'm in love with it- and we only had to drive to the valley to get it!
A few other Pittsburgh gems- that aren't Heywood Wakefield, but are super cool too.  First up is our little record holder.  The inside of this is a little non-functional since it literally has slats only for records- but the outside is so perfect.  We got this from a little antique shop in the 'Burgh.
Also the lamp is an awesome 60's gem from one of my Godfather's Saturday sales on Silverlake Blvd. in Los Angeles.  Check him out at Scott and Silverlake Blvd. Saturday mornings/afternoons!
Finally, we found this beautiful 30's Asian inspired/Art deco dresser from a little, elderly lady in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood in Pittsburgh.  Her daughter was selling a set for her on Craigslist- and we quickly snatched them up.  We are using the shorter one as a credenza/buffet in the living room, and the taller one as a dresser in the bedroom.  Below is the one in the living room.
The whole set-up- and a shot of our dining area.
 Finally- I had to share a pic of the epic view of the Hollywood Scientology center from our balcony.  Can you see it- the huge, blue building in the far right background in the pic.  At night the "Scientology" sign lights up.  Does your life feel complete now?


  1. Loved the tour :) Love the mid-century furniture!

  2. Thanks lady! Can't wait for you to see it in person. Miss you! Costa Rica- 5 months and counting! xx

  3. Lovely. You two have such great taste. So much more classy than me or Steven. In fact, Steven just revealed a new "piece" we're adding to our decor:

    I kid you not. I just had to have it!

  4. HAHA! Omg, D- you guys are amazing. I'm not going to lie, I thought that SkyMall was only available on planes? My eyes have been opened. Where is this epic sculpture going to be displayed? Also, I'm noting the 5 out of 5 stars from 3 reviews!

  5. Meg, this is beautiful. i can't wait to see it in person!

  6. I love your new pad and view ;)

  7. Aww, thanks lady!! Love your new hat! :) So cute.