Tuesday, July 17, 2012


You have probably gathered from my post that V and I have decided to adopt...A DOG!  Jeez- were you thinking a child?! Not ready for that for a couple of more years.  We just got married- give us a break people.  Ha- but seriously, we are madly in love with our new family addition.  Lola is 7 months old and is 25 lbs.  She is almost full grown- perfect size for us and our apartment.  She is an interesting mix- Pit, Corgi, Dachsund- probably.  I don't even want to think about how that happened.

We highly recommend adopting pets, because there are SO many out there that need a loving home.  We used Downtown Dog Shelter in LA. It was very easy- we just had to contact the organization and then fill out an application.  We then met with the woman who was fostering Lola, and then our new baby was delivered the next day.

So...meet Lola!

I'm obsessed with her!! She loves other dogs of all sizes, and being outside.  We just adopted Lola last week, but I've taken her to the Silverlake reservoir a few times already because there is an awesome dog park there, and it's very close to my house. Below are a few pics of Lola at the res.

Also, for you single peeps- the dog park is notoriously known for being a meat market.  Ha- jk...kinda.  But if you're a hot, single chick- you may get asked out. 

We love Lola!  Also- this song is now stuck in our heads, because Van has played it over, and over and over.  Hopefully it is now stuck in your head.


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