Monday, October 1, 2012

Big Sur

A couple of weeks ago, over the Labor Day Holiday, Van and I drove up the coast to the beautiful Big Sur, (sans Lola this time.)  Van had gotten the last  campground space that he could find about 6 months prior, and we wanted to use our new camping gear that we had gotten as wedding presents.

It's a bit of drive to get up there, but the drive is beautiful and camping to me, is like Vegas.  2 days is amazing, 3 days is too much.  So, we stayed in Paso Robles on the first night and did some wine-tasting.  We rejoined our favorite vineyards' club, Tablas Creek

On the way to and from Big Sur, we always stop to look at the Elephant Seals that are near the Hearst Castle area.  They are the fattest, funniest, animals that I have ever seen, and don't move too much.  Instead, they flip sand onto themselves and occasionally waddle into the ocean.

This was our third time camping together in Big Sur, and when we are there we pretty much just relax.  We set up our camp, go hiking, go to the beach, read and Van cooks over the campfire.  It's very mellow and perfect.

This time, we went hiking on the Ewoldsen Trail. It was a 5.7 mile loop, with a moderately difficulty ranking and lots of poison oak.  Be careful! Luckily I've never experienced Poison Oak - but Van has and has described the horror to me. It was an awesome hike, and is and the description from the book is as follows: "Wind past some of Big Sur's oldest, largest redwoods and admire coastal views from hillsides covered in wildflowers and oaks."  Also, the view from the top was insane- sweeping ocean. 

After the hike, we were of course starving, so ate a picnic lunch that we packed, at a table towards the bottom of the hike.  Van looked up beaches we could check out next.

After doing some research from our handy guide book- "Hiking & Backpacking Big Sur" by Analise Elliot we decided to check out Pfeiffer Beach, since we hadn't been there before. We were definitely not the only ones who wanted to check out this beautiful beach on the Sunday over Labor Day weekend.  We literally had to wait about an hour and a half just to get into the parking lot (one car in - one car out). However, once we got in and walked the short distance to the beach, it was totally worth it.  Chilly in the wind, but breath-taking! We posted up in a cove. 

As aforementioned, I can only take two days of sleeping on the ground, although I have to admit there is something pretty special about sleeping in the fresh air and not having a laptop for a couple of days.  I probably got the best sleep that I have had in a couple of months, and our new camping gear did not disappoint. 

Until next year Big Sur- thank you.


  1. Thank you Shelley! It is pretty easy to take beautiful photos when you're in such a beautiful place! :)