Sunday, March 17, 2013


Last week my friend Leah and I decided to take a quick girls trip to get out of LA for 24 hrs. to Palm Springs. It was also because we were picking up Leah's lovely sista who was there with her boyfriend's family. We scoured the Internets looking for a good price on a hotel room, and had decided between either staying at the Saguaro or the Ace Hotel. I had stayed at the Ace once before with another friend and really liked the dog-friendly, relaxed vibe. I also liked the aesthetic and design of the hotel and how comfortable it felt. Staying there also helped me to fill my hipster quota for the year. :)

I decided to call the Ace to see what types of room rates were available, as opposed to just looking online. Luckily, they were offering a "Summer Special" - which was basically a regular room with a king-sized bed and a bucket of beer (read: 4 Lagers) for $100, I think it also included a spa credit that we didn't end up using.  Uh-mazing. I immediately booked the room, and definitely recommend this deal, hopefully it will be going all Summer!
The Ace- Palm Springs

We made it to the desert in less than two hours from Los Angeles, absolutely no traffic, which was pretty amazing, and although we couldn't check into our room until 2pm, we immediately got cocktails and brunch at the hotel restaurant and spent the day at the pool.
Prosecco for me, and a Margarita for Leah.
A shot of the pool nestled in the mountains.

We also decided to explore the grounds, and take photos- two things I love doing.

We stumbled upon this super cool wall, and had to strike a pose: Girls in Red.
Loved experimenting with colors with my new camera.

Even though we were just there for one night, it was a perfect and affordable get-away, and very close to the city, but also just far enough away.

Below is the view from our room at dusk.
Thanks for the ideal get-away Ace, I'll be back. Next time with Lola.



  1. looks fun! love girls getaways :)

  2. It was, and not too long- just a great trip to get out of LA for a bit. You in next time?!