Monday, March 4, 2013

Diirty 3-0...not me, don't age me.

Hot has been a minute. How is it already March 3rd?! Hmmm, well let's see, if anybody is still reading this because it has been the most inconsistent blog lately, I want to say that it is my belated New Year's resolution to write at least once a week. I want to do this because I love doing it, and it makes me happy- and yes, sometimes life gets away from me, but I really did miss is, and I PROMISE not to neglect it ever, ever again.

Speaking of the new year, my lovely husband, turned... the big 3-0 in January, crazy right?! I'm not too far behind, 2013 is my glorious last year in my 20's. Scary- kind-of.

Anyways, if you know me, you know that I love wine-tasting. It's my thing, it's my bag, it's what I love, and luckily so does my husband. For his birthday we decided to take a weekend trip to beautiful Paso Robles  with four of our very good friends: Bryan, Donna, Ted and Kacy...oh and Peanut!
Here's a before pic of the group:
The Birthday Crew!
 We visited four wineries that day, this photo was taken at our first stop Edward Sellers Vineyards and Wines. This was our first time at this vineyard, and the grounds were breathtaking, sunny but not too warm.
Wine storage and tree
Close-up of above tree- very knarly

Birthday Boy

Soaking up the rays
We really liked this place, next up we visited Shale Oak Winery, which had a really cool mid-century modern vibe, and a lot of cork products for sale.  Peanut somehow also managed to find her way up to the second floor without us knowing.  Nice. Then, we were on to port tasting...mmmm, which I have recently developed a taste for in the last couple of years. Van and I joined a Port club in December, and took the group to a free tasting at Roxo Port Cellars.  Finally, we were on to the last stop of the day, my all-time favorite, Tablas Creek! Love everything about this place, the setting, the employees, the vibe, it really is my happy place and just the right way to end of the day of wine-tasting. I highly recommend TC, if that isn't apparent- seriously, skip Napa next time and try Paso Robles for something new. It will not disappoint.

These boys have been friends since middle school- cute huh? This is them, a little hung-over at brunch the next morning.
Bryan, Van and Trodes


  1. I'm happy you're back from hiatus ;)
    This looks like a fun trip- we would love it I'm sure!
    xoxo- K

  2. Thank you Kaara! Your blog is inspiring- love it! And yes, you and Troy would have loved it. Let me know if you ever wanna meet up there!