Thursday, March 28, 2013

Saturday Happiest Hour

Last Saturday in the late afternoon, Van and I were deciding how we wanted to spend our Saturday night. We had originally planned to use a gift certificate birthday present from his parents, at the amazing Providence restaurant. However, after Van checked the menu, we decided that we wanted to move the reservation, so that we could attend a special lunch with wine pairings that the restaurant does only on Fridays. Don't worry- in a couple of weeks, after the lunch, I will be blogging about it.

So, we decided to check out Saturday Happy hours in our hood. After a quick Yelp search, we saw a bar that we hadn't really noticed or been to before named: "Jay's Bar", aptly named for the owner, Jay. The bar is situated in a strip-mall in Silverlake, walking distance from our apartment, and in the same complex as where Van get's his haircuts and I get at my amazing blowouts at Jun Encarnacion International Beauty Salon. Apparently Jay also owns Garage Pizza, which is in the same complex. I've never had the pizza, so can't comment on it.

Anyways, we noticed that the happy hour was from 4pm-7pm eveyday, with specials on both drinks and foods, so we decided to give it a try.

*Pro-tip* If you check-in to the bar on Yelp, you also receive 25% off of your first order. Boo-ya.

So yeah, we walked over and conveniently noticed the sandwich board on the sidewalk outside.
The sandwich board outside- it kind of looks like I'm grappling for something. :)
We sauntered up to the bar, and found seats immediately, as it wasn't too crowded at 5pm on a Saturday, which we liked. A few people were at tables in the restaurant, and a few were on their lap-tops, also for sports fans, there are two huge big-screen TV's that are apparently always playing whatever game you sports-lovers want to watch. The interior had a clean design, and was super comfortable. We really liked it.
One of the TV screens.
Unfortunately, there is no liquor yet- just wine and beer for now, but they are getting their liquor license really soon. As you probably know, I'm more of a wine drinker, as opposed to beer, but since there were so many beers on tap, I wanted to give one a try.

Typically, I like either white beers or porters, and our bar tender was super friendly and knowledgeable and let us try different tastes of a couple of options. Eventually, I chose to start with a white beer, and Van had an IPA, shocker.

And the two of us...
We also wanted to try some of the food, since apparently Yelp has labeled the bar a dive bar/ (questionable- it is in a strip mall, but it's not at all "divey" on the inside) gastropub. From the happy hour menu we ordered the poutine, since I had never really tried it, even though I know my Canadian friends love it. If you don't know what it is, think french fries and cheese curds in gravy. Good. And we also wanted to try the chicken wings from the happy hour menu:
Ain't no thing, but a chicken wing.
Both food items were really solid and delicious. I think we both liked the chicken wings a little bit more than the poutine, but glad we tried it. Also, for another time, I've heard the burgers are amazing.

So yeah, if you're looking for a cool little bar in Silverlake, with a great beer selection, excellent food and and awesome happy hour, then Jay's could be it. We definitely enjoyed our experience, and will be back. Also, you can get a great deal on a haircut next door.


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