Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday = Seafood in my book

Jeez, just saying "Seafood" out loud always takes me back to that epic scene from "My Girl."  Do you guys remember that movie from the mid 90's, Macauley Culkin was so cute back then wasn't he? "Do you like seafood? See- Food." Hahaha.

I digress.  I do happen to love seafood, and the more obscure the better.  Still taking advantage of another birthday gift certificate that Van's parents gave him for his 30th birthday, Van and I decided to do a tasting menu with wine pairings at Providence a few Fridays ago.  We had been there once before for dinner with Van's family, but had never been for lunch.  We decided to do lunch, because it was basically a more economic solution to do a five course tasting menu with the wine pairings.  That being said, I could definitely get used to those types of lunches, but obviously since we aren't balling out of control at this point, these types of events will have to be reserved for VERY special occasions. It was nice however to see how the 1% lives. :)

I took A LOT of photos, and the five courses were all delectable.  Van thought the dessert wasn't as good as the main courses.  I'm a sucker for macaroons though. Mmmmm.

We started the evening with this interestingly shaped amuse-bouche, that was basically a shot of a greyhound.
I'd like my greyhound in a spoon, please.

Next up was another shot type appetizer with an airy biscuit.  Van loved the biscuit.  Sorry that I can't be more specific with what these bad-boys were, the tasting menu doesn't have a printed menu and the waiter just tells you once.  Next time I'm going to bring a notepad to take notes!  There were also salmon skins, fried to almost a chip consistency and a trout spread to dip.

Next up, there was a delectable sashimi, crisp and fresh with a tangy sauce.

Then there was the scallop, with peas and truffles.  Definitely one of my faves of the night for sure. 
Then the striped sea bass, cooked very well.

And my wine pairings were piling up...I'm sorry! I don't drink wine quickly!
Then finally as the last main course, there was a veal medallion and veal sausage paired with the only red of the tasting.
And because it couldn't be forgotten, two courses of desserts: sorbet and then a variety of petit fours: caramels  macaroons and jellied candies, paired with a lovely dessert wine.  The macaroons were of course my fave.

And a very satiated Van & Megan, lovely and belated birthday lunch.

Until next time Providence, cheers! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
xo Megan